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  1. Deborah Streetman says:

    Mark was a conservative Governor with his eyes on the state purse strings. He was not part of the “good ole boy” politics that prevails in the South Carolina Statehouse. I feel good about sending him to D.C. to work for the good of the district 1 taxpayers. Mark will be an excellent congressman, as he was before, he will fight to limit spending and hold down taxes. He will be a determined and strong replacement for Tim Scott, a solder in the fight to preserve our liberties . I am proud to cast my vote for Mark Sanford .

  2. I’ve always thought of Mark S. as a fantastic governor. After all, he made great efforts to refuse pork-barreling, and wanted to refuse the hideous federal “mandatory funds” that would have cost more in interest rates for SC to pay back in the long run. He was blatantly honest (still is), and even had humor in his methods (took a pig to the meeting,etc.). Let’s not forget the emergency I-26 protocol that was greatly alleviated while he was in office. He did much much more, with some people fighting him all the way for their own purposes/gains.

    I’m just sorry he happened to have some very eager people in office near him who used his personal life as an excuse to change the status quo. Bill C. didn’t seem to have a problem with “being forgetful” about cigars, so what’s the big deal with Mark’s situation? I hate harping on it, but that seems to be the ONLY thing people are finding fault with. He was honest, and so what if he has someone he loves (isn’t that better than having all kinds of affairs, like some (?) do? I admire the honesty more than anything else in anyone, whether politician or not. Remember King Edward VIII, Prince of Wales? Look it up, if you don’t know.

    It’s no easy feat to enter Congress as an open person, as there’s always the boys who don’t play fair. The allocation of monies are a grab bag, and the bills to be passed are sometimes ‘skipped over’. But I’m sure Mark S. will be a shining light in the darkness of Congress, and he has people backing him who believe in him.

    I’m very glad that you’re back in the picture, Mark! Hang in there, you’re a man of great strength, and God be with you. I’m glad you didn’t give up the goals of your career,nor give up your beliefs or virtues, and it’s been quite a ride/challenge along the way. I’d love to see you fly, and make a major comeback! You deserve it.

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