“Mr. Sanford went to Washington”

INDEPENDENT WEB VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS STIMULUS FIGHT   Charleston, SC – March 4, 2013 – Many people remember former Governor Mark Sanford being the first governor to formally reject federal stimulus funds, and fighting against accepting the stimulus all the way to the state Supreme Court.   What’s forgotten though, is that Sanford’s fight against the…[Read More]

Sanford calls Balanced Budget Amendment a reminder of the importance of, in fact, balancing budgets

Charleston, SC – February 27, 2013 – Former Governor Mark Sanford said today that while all Republicans would agree a Balanced Budget Amendment is important to fighting Washington’s overspending, debate on its passage underscores his unique experiences in working to indeed balance budgets. Only Sanford has led the fight for balanced budgets and against deficit…[Read More]

A Fallen Star Seeks to Shine Again

CHARLESTON, S.C.— Mark Sanford is ready to try and salvage his political career and win back his old congressional seat.   He acknowledges he has baggage. He was the picture-perfect family-values governor, married to successful wife Jenny and father of four, who disappeared on the job in 2009, then was supposed to be working through…[Read More]

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Debt and Spending

The Nobel Prize winning economist Milton Friedman once observed that the ultimate measure of government was what it spent. While not the only measure, it is an important one because in many ways how free we are as individuals is determined by what we’re compelled to pay to government each year. Either we work for…[Read More]

Mark Sanford Seeking House Seat Again to Get ‘Spending Mess Right’

Former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford tells Newsmax TV that he is running for the U.S. House of Representatives because “if we don’t get this spending mess right in Washington, there are going to be damning consequences.”   “There are going to be damning consequences in terms of the value of the dollar, damning consequences…[Read More]