Penny Plan A Path Toward Balanced Budget📈

Hope your summer is going well…   Amidst all the election news, I wanted to make sure you’d caught news of a bill Senator Mike Enzi and I recently introduced to rein in spending in Washington. It is based on a few simple but powerful themes as the op-ed below describes.   Look forward to…[Read More]

Country’s Leading Advocate for Small Business Owners Endorses Sanford

CHARLESTON, SC – Congressman Mark Sanford (SC-1) was endorsed by the National Federation of Independent Businesses. The National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) is an organization which monitors members’ voting records on taxes, regulation, and other issues vital to small business. The NFIB represents 365 small businesses in the First Congressional District with a total…[Read More]

Seven Reasons for Sanford: #2 Changing business as usual in Columbia

Charleston, SC – March 12, 2013 – The Sanford for Congress campaign today continued its “Seven Reasons for Sanford” series, a reminder to voters in the First District that while others may talk about cutting debt and spending, Sanford has actually done it. Reason #2: Sanford accomplished real reform in Columbia, successfully changing business as usual…[Read More]

Eddie White: I’m with Mark

A new testimonial video from our friend, Eddie White.

Seven Reasons for Sanford: #1: Rated Most Fiscally Conservative Governor in America

Charleston, SC – March 11, 2013 – The Sanford for Congress campaign today kicked off its “Seven Reasons for Sanford” series, a daily reminder to voters in the First District that while others may talk about cutting debt and spending, Sanford has actually done it.   Today’s reason: In 2010, Sanford was rated the most…[Read More]

Lillian Spears: I’m with Mark

Great testimonial video from Mark’s former teacher, Lillian Spears:

Mark Sanford raises $330K for House race

Mark Sanford raises $330K for House race By Cameron Joseph Original article:   Former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford (R) has raised more than $330,000 since he began his campaign for Congress, his campaign announced Friday morning.   Sanford has $365,000 on hand for the campaign’s key stretch, and has spent slightly more than…[Read More] Mark Sanford Falsely Accused in TV Ad Mark Sanford Falsely Accused in TV Ad Original Article appears here:   John Kuhn, one of 16 Republicans seeking his party’s nomination in South Carolina’s special House election, falsely claims former Gov. Mark Sanford “supported a massive earmark spending bill.” Sanford in fact vetoed the bill, saying it was packed with “politically-driven, pork…[Read More]

Third Spot Features Sanford Discussing Record on Fiscal Conservatism

Charleston, SC- March 7, 2013 – Former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford today announced the release of his third television ad in the SC-1 special election, entitled “Difference.”   The spot will begin airing Thursday, and will join Sanford’s other ads in rotation on district-wide broadcast and cable.   In the new ad, Sanford speaks directly…[Read More]

“Mr. Sanford went to Washington”

INDEPENDENT WEB VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS STIMULUS FIGHT   Charleston, SC – March 4, 2013 – Many people remember former Governor Mark Sanford being the first governor to formally reject federal stimulus funds, and fighting against accepting the stimulus all the way to the state Supreme Court.   What’s forgotten though, is that Sanford’s fight against the…[Read More]

Reforming, cutting taxes key to getting economy moving

Former Governor Mark Sanford today called for tax reform and relief at the federal level, saying it was necessary to getting the economy moving in the right direction.   As governor, Sanford signed into law the first cut to the marginal income tax rate in state history, cutting income taxes on small businesses from 7…[Read More]

Sanford calls Balanced Budget Amendment a reminder of the importance of, in fact, balancing budgets

Charleston, SC – February 27, 2013 – Former Governor Mark Sanford said today that while all Republicans would agree a Balanced Budget Amendment is important to fighting Washington’s overspending, debate on its passage underscores his unique experiences in working to indeed balance budgets. Only Sanford has led the fight for balanced budgets and against deficit…[Read More]

Mark’s second ad

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Morning Joe talks about our first ad

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Our First Ad

Change Washington. Watch the video

Former Governor Mark Sanford today released the following statement in response to last night’s State of the Union address:

 “Unfortunately for our country, President Obama continues to ignore the basic reality that math will indeed catch up with us,” Sanford said. “Claiming to slow the pace at which we’re spiraling into debt does nothing to address the debt we’ve already accumulated, nor does it address the time bomb we’re sitting on with respect to…[Read More]

Sen. Tom Davis endorses Mark Sanford for Congress

Beaufort leader praises Sanford’s elimination of nearly $1B in debt, deficits     Charleston, SC – February 12, 2013 – State Senator Tom Davis, a Beaufort Republican and one of the state’s leading fiscal conservatives, today endorsed former Gov. Mark Sanford’s candidacy for the 1st Congressional District – specifically noting Sanford’s record of eliminating debt…[Read More]

Sanford’s Congressional Record: Putting Taxpayers First

(Charleston, SC) – February 8, 2013 – Most people know the story of then-Congressman Mark Sanford sleeping on his office futon during his six years in office.   But what you may not know is that Sanford ran one of the most frugal offices in Congress, returning more than $1 million in unused funds from his…[Read More]

Sanford Highlights Record of Reform as Governor

REFORMED GOVERNMENT, ENDED COLUMBIA POLITICIANS’ WASTEFUL PRACTICES   Charleston, SC – February 1, 2013 –Former Governor Mark Sanford today highlighted his record as a government reformer who fought to restructure government and end “business as usual” practices that plagued the political system in Columbia for far too long.   “State government was filled with examples…[Read More]

Jobs and the Economy

Mark has spent his entire time in Congress and the governorship pushing for private enterprise and free market solutions over government control, regulation and growth. Mark believes a business playing field that allows companies to freely compete, without government control and directive, is the most basic and important foundation to growth in jobs and the…[Read More]

National Defense

Mark believes one of the core functions of our federal government lies in providing for our nation’s defense, as outlined by Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution. He believes that only the Congress can declare war and that we should get away from military actions directed by the White House without the authorization of…[Read More]

Life and Liberty

Mark attended Thomas Jefferson’s so called “Academic Village” for graduate school. Whether it was there at Virginia, or years earlier under his father’s lessons at the farm, somewhere along the way he developed a life’s passion for liberty and freedom – hallmarks of the American experiment.  The central tenant of his political philosophy has always been rooted…[Read More]