Debt and Spending

The Nobel Prize winning economist Milton Friedman once observed that the ultimate measure of government was what it spent. While not the only measure, it is an important one because in many ways how free we are as individuals is determined by what we’re compelled to pay to government each year. Either we work for…Read More

Jobs and the Economy

Mark has spent his entire time in Congress and the governorship pushing for private enterprise and free market solutions over government control, regulation and growth. Mark believes a business playing field that allows companies to freely compete, without government control and directive, is the most basic and important foundation to growth in jobs and the…Read More

Healthcare Reform

As in so many others area of government, Mark believes we should look for ways of getting more out of the government that we pay for – and this is especially the case in government healthcare. As a country we now spend more than twice the average of other industrialized nations, but have far poorer…Read More

National Defense

Mark believes one of the core functions of our federal government lies in providing for our nation’s defense, as outlined by Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution. He believes that only the Congress can declare war and that we should get away from military actions directed by the White House without the authorization of…Read More

Life and Liberty

Mark attended Thomas Jefferson’s so called “Academic Village” for graduate school. Whether it was there at Virginia, or years earlier under his father’s lessons at the farm, somewhere along the way he developed a life’s passion for liberty and freedom – hallmarks of the American experiment.  The central tenant of his political philosophy has always been rooted…Read More

Quality of Life

Mark is a child of the Lowcountry of South Carolina, and as such believes there is something unique and special about this part of the world. Formative work and life experiences came for him with his brothers and sister on their family farm on the Coosaw River – and it was from there that he launched Tom Sawyer…Read More