If Colbert Busch is an Independent Voice…

…Why is Nancy Pelosi Running a Campaign on her Behalf?

Charleston, SC – April 25, 2013 – Colbert Busch continues to tell us she will be an independent voice in Congress, yet Nancy Pelosi is busy running her own campaign against Mark Sanford, as evidenced by an email sent yesterday by the House Majority PAC. Nancy Pelosi knows that Elizabeth Colbert Busch will be a reliable vote for her in Congress and that’s the farthest thing from being an “independent voice.”
The email encouraged supporters to not only give money toward the effort to elect Elizabeth Colbert Busch, but also encouraged liberal Pelosi supporters nationwide to call former Governor Mark Sanford’s cell phone.
The effort appears to be working based on the number of calls Sanford has received! Take a look for yourself here.
This is part of a continued effort by Pelosi to buy another vote for her return to the Speakership.
Already Pelosi and other DC allies have invested nearly $1 million dollars in the effort to defeat Sanford.
It again raises the question of what Nancy Pelosi is attempting to buy with her investment.
Just today news broke that representatives from the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare were traveling down to the Lowcountry from Washington DC to endorse Colbert Busch. What hasn’t been mentioned is that this Washington based group spent over $600,000 last cycle working to elect Democrats (Take a look here). Again, this group gives the appearance of being independent, like Colbert Busch, but in reality is a shill for the liberal movement.
“It is clear that Pelosi and Friends expect something in return for their extensive investment and their efforts to personally run a race against me,” Sanford said.  “Pelosi is on record saying that Boeing should not have opened here without the union’s consent. She supports policies like Obamacare and the stimulus.  She wants to return to the Speakership.  It is clear that she believes Elizabeth Colbert-Busch will support her in these efforts to the point that she is raising money by attacking my candidacy, and urging others to join her.”