Sen. Tom Davis endorses Mark Sanford for Congress

Beaufort leader praises Sanford’s elimination of nearly $1B in debt, deficits



Charleston, SC – February 12, 2013 – State Senator Tom Davis, a Beaufort Republican and one of the state’s leading fiscal conservatives, today endorsed former Gov. Mark Sanford’s candidacy for the 1st Congressional District – specifically noting Sanford’s record of eliminating debt and cutting spending.



Davis, a longtime friend of Sanford’s who helped run his gubernatorial campaigns and previously served as his chief of staff, said Sanford’s record of watching out for taxpayers put him head and shoulders above the rest of the field.



“Debt is a serious problem for our nation, and no one has more credibility when it comes to holding the line on spending and putting taxpayers first than Mark,” Davis said. “Twenty years ago, Mark was warning about the consequences of overspending and debt, about the math trap we were heading for with entitlements, and about the dangers of the federal government encroaching more and more in our daily lives. Mark has not only been spot on regarding the challenges our nation faces, but about fixing them as well. I am proud to stand with him in this race, and am going to work hard getting support for him in Beaufort County and across the district.”



Sanford thanked Davis for the endorsement, and noted Davis’ own accomplishments in terms of pushing for change in state government, including joining Sanford in his push for government restructuring, roll-call voting, rejecting the federal stimulus and for free-market investment in our ports.



“I couldn’t be more proud of Tom for the way he’s walked the walk with regard to changing the way business is done in Columbia, and I’m honored to have his support,” Sanford said. “Watching out for the taxpayer is indeed about taking many lonely stands, when the easiest thing in the world would be to go along to get along. To Tom’s credit, he has developed a very well-deserved reputation as someone who stands on principle, even when not politically expedient to do so. I look forward to campaigning alongside him.”